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Tester team

Monday, April 6, 2015 @ 18:35

Tourstart tester team

Tourstart has invited users to be our testers, as to ensure we constantly test the web site and the Android app and iPhone app. The dedicated Tester Team use the functions as much as possible and report to Tourstart about the user experience and any bug. Also the team feeds Tourstart with areas for improvement. 

All users of Tourstart are always welcome to report the same to us, and should you like to be an official tester for Tourstart, just send an e-mail to

Geir Harang, Norway

47 years old Norwegian now living in southern Sweden. I have been riding for 15 years, and is primarely seeking gravel/adventure multi day trips. 

Aircraft engineer and hoisoperator as a profession, deeply involved in motorcycle restoration and rebuilding.











Dave Tessier, Canada

I've been riding motorcycles since I was 18. I'm 50 now and currently have an 07' Honda ST1300A.

In Europe it's marketed as a Pan-European. I'm lucky enough to live in a part of Ontario, Canada which has some fantastic riding roads within minutes of where I live.

Dave Tessier - tester on Tourstart

Most of my riding is exploring rural highways on day tours.

Every year my wife and I will plan a multi day tour where great riding roads are the focus.

I have two daughters (13 and 10) who also like to ride. As a firefighter I'm lucky enough to have a work schedule which allows alot of time where I can just hop on the bike an go.





Bill Young, English living in France

Bill Young, Tourstart Tester

My name is Bill. I am English and have lived in central France for 4 years now. I have been riding a long time, 40 years.
My main biking interests are touring related. I currently have two Ducatis, a 2004 ST3 and a 1997 750ss.

Gary Beal, Malta

Matea and Gary live Malta and they are taking a 2-month, 16,000 km trip new 2015 Piaggio X10 Executive Scooter. Watch as they venture through the top 30 motorbike tours of western Europe and places like Pisa, Monaco, Corsica and Rome!Gary Beal, Tester on Tourstart
They will be in Venice on Gondolas, Holland for the Tulip festival, Nuremberg for a huge Rock Festival and a dozen mountain passes and coastal cities around Europe. (incl. Gary's favourite - Italy's Stelvio Pass! from First Gear) 
It all starts May 3rd, 2015!
Watch the progress on

Henning Bøndergaard

I have had my motorcycle driving license since 1969, but only had a motorcycle since 2013. I bought a Yamaha Dragster 650 in 2013, but both the riding style and the lack of wind protection made me change to a BMW RT 1100 from 1996. This is the right bike for me. 

I am a member of Bøllinghus MC, and in 2014 I bought a second hand Zumo 550, because I wanted to have the option to plan rides on Tourstart and then transfer them to the GPS. 

Henning Bøndergaard - Tourstart Tester

Late 2104 I made some rides for the club, and currently I am planning a motorcycle ride on the small twisted roads for the club members. The rides I make I save on "My Page" and this is routes which I would never had a possibility to plan and ride without the GPS, so it is a pure pleasure for me. I have had some fantastic rides on the motorcycle lately when using Tourstart for the RidePlanning, so I will use this for both my car and motorcycle tours.

Each year I ride 5000 - 7000 km on the motorcycle, and approx 75 000 in my car. 




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