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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 @ 17:03

Tourstart - explore the world

Tourstart is a web site focusing on easy sharing of adventures on the internet for motorcyclists. Our aim is a user friendly web site where you can find inspiration for your motorcycle tour, holidays, motorcycle clubscoffee meetings or any other motorcycle related activity.

Functions on Tourstart:

The aim of To​urstart

The aim of Tourstart is the motorcycle ride shall be a pleasure from start home to reaching the destination and until you are back home again. To fulfill this goal, we have developed many  special functions, and easy transfer of gps data to Garmin, TomTom and Navigon gps. Further, you can download gpx data for use in any other gps. On top of this, we have developed app's for both Android and iPhone with functions fully integrated with the web page.

Cross platform and bi-directional integration

The unique concept of Tourstart has made it as easy as ever to plan rides and get good experiences riding the motorcycle. The unique system from Tourstart is made based on - besides the Ride Planner and tour sharing functions - these three functions:

1) Cross platform 

The functions which are on the web page is also on the app, which makes it possible to see same content on the web and app. There is both an app for iPhone and Android. 

2) Two way integration

The two way integration means when a motorcycle ride is created in the RidePlanner, then the tour is instantly available on both web and app - no matter whether the ride is made on the web or app. 

3) Navigation integration in the app's

The app's are having a turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, and is fully integrated, so the navigation can be started with a single click.
Tourstart app on Google Play  Tourstart app on iPhone app store

Tourstart functions

Torstart is a fully integrated motorcycle tour and experience concept, as it is possible to find interesting events, rides and planning the rides - and most important to be navigated on the tour. The core functions offered by Tourstart is based on the issues making the motorcycle ride a pleasure:


Motorcycle related events can free be shared and one of the features is easy planning of the ride to the event. It takes only a click, and you are ready to plan a great motorcycle ride. Hereby it is possible to plan the ride from home, to the event and until you are back home again. 


The RidePlanner can be used for both private and public tours. The ultimate freedom by riding the motorcycle is to explore the road and the nature - and with the Tourstart RidePlanner it is possible to gain a quick overview of the route and find new roads to explore. The route can be private (for your and your friends only) or public (for all motorcyclists in the world).

Motorcycle club

Many motorcyclists enjoys the social atmosphere in the bike club, and by creating the bike club on Tourstart it becomes possible to share all events and rides from the club, with both the club members and other.


Many good riding experiences are obtained by riding to new places and then spend the night on biker friendly hotels - who plan rides in the local area. Any accomodation which welcomes motorcyclists can be created on Tourstart, and also the BikerBed's can create all the tours they want - for great pleasure of the motorcyclists who visit the BikerBed.


The RidePlanner is a motorcycle tour plannig tool, where it is possible to transfer the route direct to a Garmin or TomTOm GPS or use the built-in navigation on the iPhone and Android app's.


TourNews is the newsletter from Tourstart which among other contains inspiration for the motorcycle ride and other usefull tips & ideas for the motorcyclist.
The tour section enables you to find all the great motorcycle routes to ride and also you can plan your own. Majority of motorcyclists like to find the good twisty back roads and explore the bike and the nature. This is the soul of motorcycling, and we are pleased to offer functions supporting the storage and sharing of motorcycle routes.


Tourstart is also on Facebook where we post on regular basis news and other interesting issues for motorcyclists. Further, you are welcome to take part in making our facebook profile more interesting, so please do not hesitate to add your comments or pictures or??


Visit our YouTube channel to see instructions videos and other videos from Tourstart
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