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Rolf - Content Manager

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 @ 08:47

Contant manager on Tourstart

Rolf Engsvang motorcyclist and Content Manger from Denmark

"I volunteered January 2013 as Content Manager for The reason for joining was that I think this project is a great help for bikers who wants easy access to information about events, and an easy possibility to create, download and share motorcycle routes. I use the Tourstart myself and drive about 6-7000 km every year on a Harley Davidson FLT Tourglide 1980"

Rolf has a fantastic Harley Davidson and he enjoys riding great motorcycle tours and routes and specially he enjoys attending events. Besides Rolf's passion for his Harley, he has a special talent to find great events and it is our luck he likes to share this with us.

Rolf Engsvang, Denmark



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