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Winter is coming

Friday, November 21, 2014 @ 21:34

It is time to discuss something that many of us who live farther from the equator would love to avoid. Yes, I am talking about winters and potential ends of riding season. We might not like them but they come each year nonetheless. So, as I see it, we are better off making the most of the off season.

With this article I will try to discuss several issues that riders encounter each winter:


How to occupy yourself in winter while the bike is napping?

Starting the bike throughout the winter causes never ending discussions among riders. No one will stop you from hearing your beast sing once more. Just if you do choose to start it up, do it responsively – keep the idling for some time until the engine heats up.

Motorcycling culture

Saturday, November 8, 2014 @ 07:52

Is there anything else to motorcycling besides speed, wind and loud engines? 

YES - it is the short answer every time I get asked why I ride on a motorcycle. Sure, freedom, passion for riding and the amazing greatness of being on a motorcycle come to mind straight away but there is much more to it than that.

It is something bigger, something every rider feels while on the road, it is a sum of factors that I define as the culture of motorcycling.
Without any further arguments, this article is my take on what bike culture stands

Rokform test of iPhone case for motorcycle mount

Sunday, October 12, 2014 @ 14:40

Tourstart have had the covers for test for iPhone and to use this on the motorcycle. The product tested is the Rokbed v3. Based on a statement is extracted from Rokform on their web page, we found the covers quite interesting:

"Rokform is more than protection - it is a system. The range of cases are available for iPhones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy are all mountable. You can add magnet so it will stick to any metal, of use the BikeMount for mounting it in a car or on your bike with a click"

Tourstart challange

We had a look on the Rokform gear, and got quite interested in this. Then we took the challange and thought, why not mount is on a motorcycle to see how usefull it is for motorcyclists.

Small motorcycles or why you do not need 1000cc to have fun

Saturday, September 20, 2014 @ 08:15

After riding small displacement bikes for seven years now, I feel it is high time to explain myself – why do I bother; why not “upgrade” to a bigger machine?

First of all, I must point out that it is not some sort of twisted loyalty or mania for compact engines. Well, that is not completely true – sometimes it is. Like with everything in life, we try to be devoted and respectful for the things we truly love. 
In the following section, I will discuss some key light motorcycle advantages that I find relevant for both new and experienced riders.
I would like to mention that I had the chance to experience all of the skill points, which I will come back to in the next paragraph, while on a two-day motorcycle trip in

Airoh Movement motorcycle helmet test

Saturday, August 30, 2014 @ 16:00

One of the most important gear for a motorcyclist is helmet, as it protects what is most vital on a motorcyclist - the head. During the late summer I have tested an "Airoh Movement Shot" helmet, which this product test is about.

The helmet comes in a box, containing the following:

So the next task for me is to mount the Cardo communication in the new helmet. It has done well in the old helmet, and now my wife and I cannot ride the motorcycle without it. Here you can read a test of the Cardo communication system - click here to read Cardo Scale Rider Q3 test.


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