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Barnsley Bikers Club

Address Wombwell Lane, A633, Barnsley, England, UK
Created by Mark Cadman

Barnsley Bikers Club are a motorcycle club based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The club was founded in August 1985 and many of the founder members are still active in the Club. If you are old, young, male or female, learner or experienced, anyone who rides a motorcycle or has an interest in bikes and biking is welcome. We have members from many other towns, as well as Barnsley and its surrounding areas.

 We hold well attended club meetings every fortnight with regular runs and rideouts even in the depths of winter. The club outings range from a morning run, through long weekends to multi-week trips, taking in local runs and also further afield to locations throughout the UK. European tours have been a regular feature over the years, with trips to Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and even Poland.

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Nov 16, 2016
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